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Save On The Highest Quality, Cheapest Tru Mobile Homes In Texas

Want To Know More About The Cheapest Tru Mobile Homes In Texas?

TRU Factory Direct is ready to help YOU find the cheapest Tru mobile homes in Texas without sacrificing quality and value. We’ve helped thousands of Texans over 23+ years. We’ll help you too!

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    Important Notice: We deliver factory direct homes to Texas families anywhere in Texas, but unfortunately we are currently unable to help those outside of Texas with buying and placing a home in another state.

    Where can you find the lowest priced mobile homes?

    Find The Cheapest Mobile Homes in Texas

    TruMH Bliss - TRS14562A - Living Room

    Get factory direct pricing on singlewide and doublewide manufactured and mobile homes. We’ve got the cheapest mobile homes in Texas for Tru Homes models. If you can find a lower price on a similar floor plan, tell us, and we’ll beat it every time!

    The cheapest mobile homes don’t mean the lowest quality homes! Our Tru Homes model homes are built in Texas to high industry specifications using quality materials. Go take a look at the amazing  included features on our lowest priced singlewide and doublewide home models!

    TruMH Delight - TRS14602A -Kitchen 4

    Why Are Our Tru Home Models So Cheap?

    It’s a fair question to ask us. How come our single and double wide Tru mobile home models are so cheap?

    Isn’t a cheap mobile home a bad mobile home?

    Not at all!

    You can have a cheap car that runs for decades without needing a lot of upkeep.

    Why was that car so cheap? Because there were SO MANY MADE that the factory could sell it cheaper than other car models.

    Ever wonder why you still see a bazillion Toyota Corollas still roaming around? Because they worked, even if they were low priced. They’ve made 50 million of those things to date!

    That’s the same deal with our low priced Tru Homes. 

    The factory makes so many of these cheap single wide and double wide mobile home models, they can sell them cheaper than other models WITHOUT SACRIFICING QUALITY!

    How Can We Sell Cheaper Mobile Homes Than Competitors?

    We aren’t the factory. We don’t actually make Tru home models.

    But we’ve helped thousands of Texans to buy them factory direct over the years.

    Our ability to sell the cheapest mobile homes in Texas comes from us selling SO MANY HOMES over the years that we get volume discounts from the factory on manufactured homes we sell.

    Kind of like the Totyota Corollas, but with Tru model mobile homes. We’re one of the biggest sellers in Texas, and so we can get you some of the lowest mobile home prices on TruMH mobile home models.

    Will I Really Get a Quality Home If I Buy The Cheapest Mobile Home?

    Tru Homes are known for maximizing value in the floor plan. 

    You’ll find that they are they cheapest new mobile homes in Texas.

    Doesn’t matter if it’s a single wide or a double wide. Tru home prices are going to be the lowest you find. 

    You’ll also find that they don’t cut corners on ensuring a manufactured home is habitable and built to last!

    Many of these Tru homes come with these high-quality manufactured home features ALREADY INCLUDED in them. Both single wide and double wide mobile home models have these features.  

    When you think about buying the cheapest mobile homes in Texas you’re still getting these features:

    • Low – E Thermopane Windows
    • Ecobee Smart Thermostat
    • CARRIER SmartComfort Furnace
    • Frigidaire Refrigerator
    • Frigidaire Electric Stove
    • Duracraft Cabinets
    • Beaufloor Linoleum
    • 40 Gallon Dual Element Water Heater
    • Safety Exit Windows – All Bedrooms
    • Exterior GFI Receptacle
    • Exterior Walls – 2×4 / 16” O. C.
    • Floor Joists – 2×6 / 16” O. C.
    • And More!!!

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    Ready to save money and buy one of the lowest priced double or single wide mobile homes on the market? We’re ready to help you make one of these Tru Homes your today. Call us now at: 210-201-1702

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    Find TRU Homes

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