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Buy Tru Factory Direct Mobile Homes In Texas Starting At $37,999

Buy Tru factory direct mobile homes from us with instant online estimates. Prices starting at only $37,999 for new Tru single wide mobile homes, with Tru double wides starting at only $61,699! 

These are high-quality, features-packed, Texas-built, factory-direct mobile homes sold for less with our volume discounts for Texas customers. We’ve served fellow Texans over 23 years with the lowest priced mobile homes in the market. 

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Factory Direct Models

Featured Tru Mobile Homes

The Satisfaction Tru Home model is the lowest priced double wide home model available in our factory direct inventory, on sale now with an additional price cut, ready to deliver anywhere you have land in Texas.

The Satisfaction and all our Tru Homes are built to these high-quality specifications:

The Bliss

The Bliss Tru Home model is all about maximizing your savings in the lowest priced single wide on the market. 

Don’t underestimate factory direct homes! The Bliss comes with high-value features:

Let Us Help You Find The Lowest Priced Factory Direct Mobile Homes In Texas

TRU Factory Direct is about saving our customers MORE by connecting them with the BEST prices possible on TruMH factory direct mobile homes in Texas delivered from the factory to their land! We’ll help you find the best prices on TruMH model mobile homes for sale in Texas, guaranteed.

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    Important Notice: We deliver factory direct homes to Texas families anywhere in Texas, but unfortunately we are currently unable to help those outside of Texas with buying and placing a home in another state.

    Save On Tru Factory Direct Mobile Homes In Texas

    Is home ownership for you and your family a long-time dream you haven’t realized yet? Are you searching for cost-effective Tru factory direct mobile homes for sale in Texas because your family is growing and you need more space to fit everybody, but don’t want to break the bank? Are you currently throwing money away paying rent when you could be putting it towards your own place, such as one of our features-packed Tru factory direct mobile homes? We find everyone has a compelling reason to start searching for the best prices and quality on factory direct mobile homes in Texas. For years our family-owned independent dealership has been helping people just like yourself get into the manufactured home they want.  

    Buying a Tru Home Is Better Than Endless Rent!

    Think about it; the average mobile home monthly payment is usually under a thousand dollars, and possibly quite less. Are you paying more than that each month just to rent someone else’s home or apartment, and helping them build equity while you lose out? As you pay down your manufactured or mobile home, you are building equity and becoming the owner of a property that now has value, instead of losing money every month. This kind of home purchase just makes sense, and can save you thousands up front as well. Our low-priced catalog of Texas-built factory direct Tru model mobile homes is the perfect place to start finding your next investment for your family, a new Tru model home to call your own!

    We Give You Tru Mobile Home Prices Up-Front

    Are you looking for a transparent mobile homes dealership willing to give you Tru mobile home prices up-front, no questions asked and with no high-pressure sales tactics? We’re ready to give every Texan immediate, instant online pricing for Tru mobile homes on our site. Go to a home in our Tru homes catalog that has a listed price, and click on the “Instant Delivery/Set Estimate” button in the listing to get a highly-customized estimate of the final cost of a Tru home delivered to your land. We don’t just give you Tru mobile homes prices, we also help you calculate an estimate for factory-to-door delivery too!  

    There Can Be Long-Term Value In a Tru Home

    Some people think “I’m settling for less when buying a Tru mobile home” and have ideas of “throwing money away” on a trailer home that will only lose value over the years. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Did you know that many “trailer homes” on land can actually appreciate (gain) value over the years if properly cared for? Don’t believe us? Google search some of the research for yourself and start making informed investment decisions on factory direct Texas mobile homes. Not only are these homes a positive investment in many cases, but you save big on square footage and features buying one of our double wide mobile homes for sale in Texas compared to what you’d spend on an equivalent sized traditional stick-built home.  

    Get More Value & More Footage For Less With Tru

    You get more living space, more high-end features, more appliances, just plain more value, when you buy a Tru model manufactured home from TRU Factory Direct. Take advantage of our ongoing deals on Tru single wide homes to save even more on an already value-priced product, and let us help you make home ownership a reality! Find Tru mobile homes for less in these locations: Go ahead and take a look at our Tru factory direct mobile home listings or contact our team today for fast help on buying a TRU factory direct mobile home.
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